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    PRiME Research Featured in IEEE Computer Magazine

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    PRiME’s collaborative research has been featured in the latest issue of the prestigious IEEE Computer Magazine (August 2017). The article describes the work performed by three of PRiME’s research institutes, led by Newcastle University, studying the interplay between the performance, energy, and reliability (PER) of parallel-computing systems. It describes methods supporting the meaningful crossplatform analysis […]

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    PRiME shares its research worldwide

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    Researchers working on the PRiME project are always keen to share our research progress and latest findings with others, whether fellow academic researchers or industrialists. We believe that this helps to develop future collaborations as well as advancing the overall technical progress in our field of work. The last few months have been particularly busy […]

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    PRiME PhD Student Awarded HiPEAC internship with Samsung

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    James Bantock, one of PRiME’s PhD students, has been awarded a HiPEAC grant to support a four month internship with Samsung. HiPEAC (“High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation”) is an EU funded project that acts as a hub for European researchers in computing systems and consists of around 1,500 specialists in 39 countries. HiPEAC […]

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    PRiME explains its research to the general public

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    Explaining advanced electronics/computer science research to the general public can be challenging! However, an important part of PRiME’s remit is to explain to a wider audience what our publicly funded research is trying to achieve and how the research is progressing. To do this effectively, especially to an audience of mainly late primary/early secondary age […]

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    PRiME Theme Leader awarded IEEE Fellowship

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    Congratulations to Prof. Alex Yakovlev of Newcastle University, leader of PRiME’s research theme 1, who has been elevated to an IEEE fellow. The award was recognition of Alex’s significant work in the field of the theory and design of asynchronous circuits. Alex was presented with the IEEE fellowship at the awards ceremony at the DATE […]

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    PRiME makes an impact at DATE2017

    | Events, News

    Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) is the leading European exhibition and conference on all aspects of research into technologies for electronics and embedded system engineering. The 2017 event was held in Lausanne, Switzerland from 27-31 March. PRiME was well represented at the event and made the most of opportunities to share research progress […]

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    Successful researchers all-hand meeting at Newcastle University

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    The wider PRiME research team met at Newcastle University on Thursday 16th March for an “all-hands” meeting. Despite travel delays for some team members, it proved an excellent opportunity to review progress in the 4 main research themes and clarify further opportunities for cross-theme collaborative working. Each team was asked to present their contributions to […]

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    PRiME's 2nd Industry Day (Feb 9th) Cancelled

    | Events, News

    Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the PRiME Industry Day, originally scheduled for Thursday 9th February 2017 at Imperial College London. We plan to re-schedule some time later in 2017, so keep an eye on our website for further information. The Eventbrite page for the event has been updated to show the cancellation, and existing […]

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    Successful All-Hands Research Meeting

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    Researchers from the four PRiME research themes met together at Southampton on 12th January 2017 for an All-Hands Meeting. These are periodic meetings where our researchers get together to present the progress of their work and discuss the next phases of their research, with a particular focus on cross-theme collaborative work. 18 team members attended […]

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    PRiME's 2nd Industry day – Feb 9th 2017

    | Events, News, Outreach

    Update 30th January 2017: Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the PRiME Industry Day. We plan to re-schedule some time later in 2017, so keep an eye on our website for further information. A date has been set for PRiME’s second industry day – Thursday February 9th 2017, to be held at Imperial College, London […]