Research Themes

PRiME has four inter-related themes, involving multiple researchers collaborating across the four universities.  Each theme (and the overall programme) focuses on the:

which need to be overcome to deliver PRiME’s objectives. Results are validated using a wide range of applications. An integrated approach has been adopted cutting across system layers – both hardware and software:

PRiME cross theme

Many-core processors will have a wide range of applications in embedded, mobile, general and high performance computing, where energy and reliability are central requirements. PRiME‘s overall objective is to enable processor core scaling with sustainable energy consumption and reliability. This can only be achieved by our integrated approach that cuts across all system layers:  hardware, system software and application, enabling the energy-efficiency and reliability of hardware and software in a holistic way.

PRiME’s four inter-related research themes will not be able to achieve their aims in isolation – they depend on the innovations of the other themes. The following Theme pages details each theme’s objectives and outputs and are intended to give a higher level description of how each interacts with the other PRiME themes.

Research Themes Diagram