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    PRiME International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software is a Great Success

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    Our International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software networking event was a great success. Over 16 speakers and more than 65 attendees from over 10 different countries around the world visited Southampton to take part in a vibrant and informative event. Leading experts from both industry and academia shared their knowledge about best practice […]

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    PRiME Welcomes New Impact Manager

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    Welcome to the PRiME team Dr Ghaithaa Manla, PRiME Impact Manager. In her role as Impactech manager, Ghaithaa is currently Enterprise Research Fellow for the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. Her Role is to enhance the relationship between industry and academia to maximize the impact of research on our society and thus the economy. […]

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    PRiME researcher secures Internship at ARM Cambridge

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    Vasileios Tenentes, a Research Fellow on the PRiME Programme at the University of Southampton, is currently undertaking an internship at ARM Research, Cambridge. His research during his internship is on Run-time Adaptation of Embedded Systems for Power-Noise Issues. First, he is developing a novel on-chip power integrity characterisation paradigm (software and hardware). After this, he […]

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    PRiME to host International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software

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    The PRiME Programme will feature within the planned programme for the International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software to be hosted by University of Southampton in January 2018. The UK’s Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) has made significant investment over the last 5 years in the area of “many-core computing”. To celebrate […]

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    PRiME Theme Leader Awarded RAE Fellowship

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    Many congratulations to Prof. Alex Yakovlev of Newcastle University, leader of PRiME research theme 1, who has recently been awarded a fellowship of the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering. Alex has been recognised for his significant contribution to the theory and practice of asynchronous digital design. His contributions have had a major impact in both […]

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    PRiME releases another free software tool – “KOCL”

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    PRiME has made available another free, open source software tool developed as part of its research activities. KOCL (“KAPow for OpenCL”) is PRiME’s automated tool flow for generating FPGA designs capable of accelerating OpenCL kernel execution whilst reporting their own power consumption. The tool was created by PRiME researchers at Imperial College as part of […]

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    PRiME research presented at TechWorks Conference

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    The NMI and its parent organisation, TechWorks, organised a one day event at the University of Warwick on 13th September, called “High Performance Digital Systems and Applications Conference”. The conference was held at the International Digital Laboratory, part of the Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick. The event addressed the increasingly widespread use […]

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    PRiME leads session at UKESF workshop

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    Two of the PRiME team, Gerry Scott and Charlie Leech, attended the UKESF scholars’ workshop at the University of York on Wednesday 6th September to present a session on UK research in general and the PRiME programme specifically. The UK Electronics Skills Foundation encourages young people to study electronics and pursue careers in the sector. […]

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    PRiME Research Featured in IEEE Computer Magazine

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    PRiME’s collaborative research has been featured in the latest issue of the prestigious IEEE Computer Magazine (August 2017). The article describes the work performed by three of PRiME’s research institutes, led by Newcastle University, studying the interplay between the performance, energy, and reliability (PER) of parallel-computing systems. It describes methods supporting the meaningful crossplatform analysis […]

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    PRiME shares its research worldwide

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    Researchers working on the PRiME project are always keen to share our research progress and latest findings with others, whether fellow academic researchers or industrialists. We believe that this helps to develop future collaborations as well as advancing the overall technical progress in our field of work. The last few months have been particularly busy […]