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    PRiME Investigators Publish New Edited Book with IET

    | News, Outreach, Press

    Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software Book Editors: Prof Bashir M. Al-Hashimi & Dr Geoff V. Merrett Investigators and researchers from across all 4 Research Themes of the PRiME programme have authored chapters in a new edited book published with IET. The book contains 4 sections: Section 1: Programming Models, Operating Systems and Applications Section 2: […]

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    Download Our Leaflet – PRiME Project Outcomes

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    PRiME project has produced a leaflet celebrating our successes during the 5 years of the project. Download your own copy of FINAL PRiME leaflet

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    An Award-Winning Partnership – Newelectronics 25 September 2018

    | News, Outreach, Press

    PRiME Director Professor Bashir Al-Hashimi talks about the vital importance of collaborations between academia and industry as the award winning Arm-ECS Research Centre celebrates 10 years of partnership in New Electronics magazine. The article was published in the 25 September 2018 edition of New Electronics, under the headline “An Award Winning Partnership”, following an editorial in the […]

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    PRiME International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software is a Great Success

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    Our International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software networking event was a great success. Over 16 speakers and more than 65 attendees from over 10 different countries around the world visited Southampton to take part in a vibrant and informative event. Leading experts from both industry and academia shared their knowledge about best practice […]

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    PRiME Welcomes New Impact Manager

    | News, Outreach

    Welcome to the PRiME team Dr Ghaithaa Manla, PRiME Impact Manager. In her role as Impactech manager, Ghaithaa is currently Enterprise Research Fellow for the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. Her Role is to enhance the relationship between industry and academia to maximize the impact of research on our society and thus the economy. […]

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    PRiME research presented at TechWorks Conference

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    The NMI and its parent organisation, TechWorks, organised a one day event at the University of Warwick on 13th September, called “High Performance Digital Systems and Applications Conference”. The conference was held at the International Digital Laboratory, part of the Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick. The event addressed the increasingly widespread use […]

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    PRiME leads session at UKESF workshop

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    Two of the PRiME team, Gerry Scott and Charlie Leech, attended the UKESF scholars’ workshop at the University of York on Wednesday 6th September to present a session on UK research in general and the PRiME programme specifically. The UK Electronics Skills Foundation encourages young people to study electronics and pursue careers in the sector. […]

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    PRiME shares its research worldwide

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    Researchers working on the PRiME project are always keen to share our research progress and latest findings with others, whether fellow academic researchers or industrialists. We believe that this helps to develop future collaborations as well as advancing the overall technical progress in our field of work. The last few months have been particularly busy […]

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    PRiME explains its research to the general public

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    Explaining advanced electronics/computer science research to the general public can be challenging! However, an important part of PRiME’s remit is to explain to a wider audience what our publicly funded research is trying to achieve and how the research is progressing. To do this effectively, especially to an audience of mainly late primary/early secondary age […]

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    PRiME's 2nd Industry day – Feb 9th 2017

    | Events, News, Outreach

    Update 30th January 2017: Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the PRiME Industry Day. We plan to re-schedule some time later in 2017, so keep an eye on our website for further information. A date has been set for PRiME’s second industry day – Thursday February 9th 2017, to be held at Imperial College, London […]