The University of Southampton is already one of the top 15 research universities in the UK and has achieved consistently high scores for its teaching and learning activities.

Bashir Al-Hashimi
Director PRiME Programme Grant
Professor, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Michael Butler
Leader of Research Theme 2
Professor, Associate Dean (Academic Infrastructure) Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Geoff Merrett
PRiME Applications Leader
Professor, Head of Centre for IoT and Pervasive Systems
Tom J Kazmierski
Theme 2 and 4 Researcher
Senior Lecturer
Jeff Reeve
Theme 2, 3 and 4 Researcher
Senior Lecturer

Team Members

Dr Asieh Salehi
Research Fellow Theme 2
Dr Domenico Balsamo
Research Fellow - Applications and Demonstrators
Dr Vasileios Tenentes
Research Fellow - Theme 2
Dr Eduardo Weber Wachter
Research Fellow
Dr Graeme McLachlan Bragg
Research Fellow
Dr Sadegh Dalvandi
Research Fellow
Dr Bassem Ouni
Research Fellow
Dr Colin Snook
Senior Research Fellow, Theme 2
Matthew Walker
PhD Researcher
Karunakar Reddy Basireddy
PhD Researcher
James Bantock
PhD Researcher
Theo Verykios
PhD Researcher
Dr Ghaithaa Manla
Impact Manager
Kath Kerr
EPSRC Project Manager, PRiME
Dr Amit Kumar Singh
Research Fellow (Visiting)
Dr Charlie Leech
Research Fellow (Visiting)

Consistently rated amongst the world’s best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

George Constantinides
PRiME Deputy Director, Leader of Research Theme3
Professor, Head, Circuits and Systems Group / Royal Academy of Engineering / Imagination Technologies Research Chair
Peter Cheung
Professor, Head of EEE Department

Team Members

Dr James Davis
Research Fellow
Aryan Tavakkoli
Research Assistant
Dr Ed Stott
Teaching Fellow
Junyi Lui
PhD Researcher
Dr Sam Bayliss
Senior Research Fellow (Visiting)

The University of Manchester has a rich and proud heritage dating back to 1824. The university is the birthplace of many discoveries which have had a major impact on society, including the development of the first modern computer.

Steve Furber
Leader of Research Theme 4
ICL Professor of Computer Engineering

Team Members

Dr Delong Shang
Research Fellow - Theme 4

Newcastle University aims to be a leading example of the beneficial interaction between world-class academic quality and civil society. As a civic university, Newcastle University is committed to research that delivers benefits to society as a whole.

Alex Yakovlev
Prime Leader of Theme 1
Professor, Head of Microelectronic Systems Design Group

Team Members

Dr Fei Xia
Senior Research Fellow Themes 1 and 2
Dr Andrey Mokhov
Research Fellow Theme 1
Dr Rishad Shafik
Lecturer & Research Fellow Themes 1 and 2
Dr Alexei Iliasov
Research Fellow Theme 1
Dr Ashur Rafiev
Research Fellow Theme 1
Rem Gensh
PhD Researcher