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PRiME releases free stereo matching algorithm for video

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PRiME is pleased to announce the release of PRiME Stereo Match software  Рa heterogeneous and fully parallel stereo matching algorithm for video depth estimation, available in both OpenCL and C++.

Stereo Matching is based on the disparity estimation algorithm. This is an algorithm which is designed to calculate 3D depth information about a scene from a pair of 2D images captured by a stereoscopic camera.

The algorithm, which has been fully developed in both C++ and OpenCL, includes support for live video disparity estimation using the OpenCV VideoCapture interface as well as static image computation. Also included is embedded support for experimentation with the OpenCV standard Semi-Global Block Matching (SGBM) algorithm.

The software is being made available as a free, open-source download. Further information and software downloads are available at: