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PRiME researchers share their work with the public

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The University of Southampton held its annual Science and Technology day on Saturday 12 March, as part of British Science Week.

This public engagement event opens up many parts of the University and its facilities and labs, with the aim of presenting the science and technology work being undertaken in an accessible way to members of the public of all ages.

As part of the day, three PRiME researchers – Asieh Salehi, Domenico Balsamo and Colin Snook – prepared and presented a novel, interactive demo of their work with formal modelling techniques, in an activity called Maths on the Move.

“Can you help me park safely with Rodin?”

To illustrate their work with Event-B formal modelling and the use of related software tools like Rodin, the team focussed on a readily understandable area where safety is critical – in this case by working out how to safely navigate cars through hazards and obstructions to a safe parking position. Participants first used rules to define safe manouvres on paper for the cars, then this was translated into a Rodin based computer programme which showed whether the cars were successful in navigating the hazards and getting to the parking place.

Successful participants were rewarded with a toy car to take away.

The day was a great success and the team were very busy interacting with a large number of visitors.